We are now accepting unused/unwanted/expired medications!

Coordinated by Great Lakes Clean Water Organization, a Non-Profit Organization, the Yellow Jug Old Drugs program began in May 2009. To date over 49.77 tons of drug waste has been collected and disposed of properly helping to keep our water clean and our communities safe.

Until recently when an individual wanted to dispose of unused/ unwanted/expired drugs the only option available in many communities was to flush these substances down the drain or send to a landfill.  This has led to an emerging problem of trace amounts of chemicals showing up in our water.  The Yellow Jug Old Drugs program in partnership with local pharmacies is providing a positive solution to help address the issue. Individuals can bring unused/unwanted/expired drugs to participating pharmacies for safe and proper disposal free of charge. Participating pharmacies have a list of accepted/not accepted items and can help customers with any questions they may have. 

Drug abuse a serious issue with the national data showing that 71% of people misusing prescriptions obtain them from friends or relatives. Additionally, about 78,000 children under 5 years of age are treated for poisoning in hospital emergency rooms and approximately 30 children under 5 die as a result. That's why we have partnered with the Indiana Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Task Force and Great Lakes Clean Water Organization to promote safe disposal. 

Proper disposal of unused medicine is a rapidly emerging concern that spans a broad range of issues including public and environmental health, water quality, solid waste management, law enforcement, and the health care industry.

We will be collecting all NON-CONTROLLED DRUGS: prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, drugs from individuals/households, vitamins/supplements, medicated cough drops, medication samples, medicated ointments/lotions, cold and flu medications, pet medications, insulin, items containing sodium bicarbonate or effervescent compound must be dissolved fully in minimal amount of water before placing in jug.

The DEA is currently revising the Federal Law prohibiting pharmacies to collect controlled substances. The revision should be published later this year, hopefully enabling pharmacies to collect all control drugs. As soon as the law is passed we will be able to collect controls. 

Until then we are NOT allowed to accept: controlled drugs/substances schedule drugs/narcotics, hazardous pharmaceuticals, hazardous materials, medical waste/infectious waste, sharps/needles/syringes, drugs or waste from hospitals, radioactive items, ignitable materials, disinfectants, ydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, betadine, aerosols, IV bags.

Please remove all personal information from the drugs you are disposing. Drugs should be removed from original containers/packaging before placing in jug (except transdermal patches meeting Accepted items.) Vials and packaging should be returned to you. You are encouraged to recycle empty vials and other packaging materials. Please DO NOT mix control substances with other drugs when disposing. If you have a mixed container with controls, we CANNOT TAKE IT at this time, therefor we will refer you to the West Lafayette Police Department for disposal. 


For more information visit or download a flyer here.